Matoshri Pratisthan Vishwabharti Polytechnic Institute was founded on the basic principle of serving the society, to provide affordable and quality education to the students and paves way for a wider variety of career options. The Institute aims to grow as one of the largest educational complexes in Nanded and around Marathwada Region The institute is located on a sprawling campus and make for a quiet and stimulating learning environment. Infra structure and other facilities compare to the best in the field.
The institute offers 5 Diploma Courses in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering etc.
Sr.No.                       Course Offered                                                     Intake
1                              Civil Engineering                                                         60
2                            Mechanical Engineering                                         120
3                            Computer Science Engineering                           60
4                            Electrical Engineering                                              60
Dear all,
With warm greetings, I welcome you all to Matoshri Pratishthan Vishwabharati Polytechnic Institute, Nanded. Ours is the growing institute going to stand with prime Moto of creating smart engineers and good human beings...

We want our student to become technically sound, intellectually talented, and ethically perfect with very good human and moral values, so that not only he/she will earn money to survive but they will contribute towards the development of engineering sector, their family and this Great Nation too! It is said "Mere saying words is very easy but bring it to practical is bit difficult” 
...but in the very first year of our institute we attempted to step in this direction by giving our students proper coaching, exposure towards personality development, chance for participating sports and cultural activities for improving their sportsmanship and all-round development.
We wish your cooperation and support in this mission of development of this Great Nation by creating honest, well-developed and ignited mind engineers!!
Thank you!
                                                                                               Aniruddha Joshi
                                                                              Vishwabharati Polytechnic Institute

The Department aims at improving the Civil life of man by harmonizing the natural resources available on earth. Civil Engineering deals with the construction, soil Mechanics, Transportation, Municipal and sanitary, Serveying, Mapping and Hydraulics, A Civil Engineer deals with the design and supervision of constructions of Bridge, Buildings Tunnels and dams.. Transportation Engineering deals with the planning, design and construction of roads, streets.
On the whole a civil engineer is expected to do planning, research, design and construction of building and road, traffic and transportation, irrigation and power, water supply and sewage disposal, dams ports and harbors, airways and navigation treatment for industrial wastes.
Beside the basic and engineering science, the curriculum in civil Engineering covers various professional subjects as structures, foundation, construction, work management and cost, transportation engineering, irrigation engineering, hydraulics and environmental engineering and earthquake technology etc

Mr. Om Chari
The department of civil engineering has laboratories with modern apparatus, equipments and instrument are as per the normas of the university.
laboratories related to structure, concrete testing, soil mechanics survey camp and practical training wihich are part of the curriculum, aim to exposing the students to an actual field problems.
experiments. Computer aided analysis, design and drawing and the study classes are held to build confidence in the students. 
Civil Engineers can find jobs in designing construction and maintenance of infrastructural development. Scope of civil engineers lies with many developing countries in middle East, Africa, Asia 
infrastructure development in picking up. Civil engineers can find job in :
• Government Department
• Private & Public sector industries
• Research and Teaching Institutions
• Road Projects
• Dams
• Building Work
• Consultancy Firm
• Quality Testing Laboratories or Housing Societies
• Railways
• Military
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